There was a very important debate taking place on the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning – What is the best flavour of chips?

It’s been the talk of the town recently ever since published an official ranking of the top ten flavours of the snack.

They surveyed over 50 Aussies about 56 different brands and flavours of chips to compile a list and of course, seeing as us Aussies are so passionate about our chips, the results were mighty controversial.

Kyle and Jackie O decided to discuss the ranking on air this morning and started listing off the flavours that made it into the top ten from tenth place down to first.

And they too didn’t necessarily agree with the rankings. Especially Jackie, who thought that one flavour was far too high on the list.

And we have to say, her remarks might just divide the nation!

Jackie O admitted on air this morning that she absolutely detests, wait for it, SALT AND VINEGAR CHIPS!! And we’re basically ready to riot!


“This one I can’t believe,” Jackie said. “Number six, Red Rock Deli salt and balsamic vinegar. Uggghhhh,” she exclaimed in disgust.

“I hate Salt and Vinegar,” Jackie continued. “You know when you buy the combo box? It’s always Salt and Vinegar left at our place. No one wants it.”

Okay okay, now we can understand if Salt and Vinegar wasn’t someone’s favourite choice. After all, we’re not discounting the other amazing flavours out there. But to HATE salt and vinegar chips altogether? That’s just MADNESS we tell you!

It got worse from there…

“Number three,” said Jackie, continuing to read the list. “Smiths Salt and Vinegar. Ugh.”

When Kyle asked why Jackie didn’t like Salt and Vinegar she said it was because the flavour was a bit too strong.


We get it, each to their own. We all have different taste buds and what not but seriously, Salt and Vinegar is the BEST flavour! And the stronger the flavour the better! (We’re talking, you need to get the Salt and Vinegar sweats or it wasn’t worth it).

And it’s safe to say some of our fans agree.


Where do you sit on the Salt and Vinegar train? Are you a fan like us or a hater like Jackie?

You can find the full list of chip flavour rankings below!

10. Red Rock Deli Honey Soy Chicken

9. Burger Rings


8. Kettle Chilli Chips

7. Thins Light & Tangy

6. Red Rock Deli Salt & Balsamic Vinegar

5. Cheezels

4. Pringles – Original

3. Smith’s Salt & Vinegar


2. Twists – Cheese

1. Smiths Original

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