When it comes to brands of phones we often find that people are either solely dedicated to iPhone’s or they’re hardcore Android fans.

With the strong divide, there’s of course always been an age-old debate between the two sides about which of the phones is better.

Is iphone better than android? We put both brands to the test to settle the debate

While many of the features on all smartphones are similar these days, the programs used by each brand differ slightly: Apple iPhones have Siri while Androids have the Ok Google feature.

Today we decided to put it to the test live on air on the Kyle and Jackie O show to settle this debate once and for all. Which of the two really is better?

And so with Jackie’s iPhone and producer Palestine’s Google pixel, we put Apple’s Siri up against ‘Ok Google’ to see which one could answer simple questions more accurately.


Watch the video above to find out which of the two won the competition! The results may surprise you…


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