Well we have to say, today Kyle and Jackie O probably did the most insane celebrity interview they have EVER done! And no, we don’t mean because the celeb was the most famous person ever or because they divulged the most explosive secrets…

The reason why this particular interview was so crazy was because the subject was literally speaking as if he had gone just a tad off the deep end…

The man in question was Gary Busey, known for some incredible work in the world of Hollywood having starred in over 150 films. But over the years it seems Gary has gone through a whole lot of crazy and as a result he not only acted a bit…odd…but had some of the most insane stories to tell.

Gary joined Kyle and Jackie O to chat about his new book ‘Buseyisms: Gary Busey’s Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth’ and things started out pretty weird from the get go.

Kyle and Jackie attempted to ask Gary typical interview questions such as his time working on some of his more famous movies, the basis of his book and even his experience travelling to “the other side” when he almost died.

Instead of getting straightforward answers, Gary asked the guys to repeat their questions several times before finally responding with nonsensical answers, spelling out various words, or even just choosing to tell them that the answers were in the book instead of actually responding to their queries.

Just to give you an example, when Kyle and Jackie asked Gary about his near death experience back in 1988 during a motorcycle crash, this is how he responded.


Gary Busey Interview With Kyle And Jackie O Takes Bizarre Turn

Crazy right? But things just kept getting more and more bizarre, specifically when Jackie asked Gary about one of his most insane drug taking stories.

A number of years ago, the 74-year-old actor sensationally claimed that he had once snorted cocaine off his dog. Jackie asked him if this was true or not.


“Well sure, yeah, I did!,” he answered, after getting Jackie to repeat the question. You can then here some sort of kerfuffle on the other end of the phone before Gary attempts to change the subject, saying, “There is so much information that I’m dying to tell you, Loving to tell you, but it’s in the book.”

At this point, someone is heard trying to talk to Gary in the background, possible a publicist trying to steer the interview back on the right path. But Gary was having none of it.

“Stop it!”, yells Gary out of nowhere. “Okay, where were you?”, he continued sounding incredibly frustrated at this point.

“He’s got his assistant there,” laughed Kyle.

And so we never really got to the bottom of why Gary thought it would be a good idea to snort cocaine from his dog, clearly his publicists weren’t keen on him divulging that secret, but we guess we could always read his book to find out?

But seriously, if it’s written as crazy as he talks we don’t know if we’d be able to make it all the way through…


Listen to Gary’s full insane interview in the video below!

Gary Busey Speaks With Kyle And Jackie O 

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