Nicole Kidman has made some drastic changes to her appearance in the past for a role. Case in point, her latest role in the film Destroyer.

But while these previous looks have been brought to life with the help of extremely life-like wigs and makeup, we never thought that Nic would do something a little more…permanent for the sake of a character.

Kyle and Jackie O sent Intern Pete to the red carpet of the aforementioned Destroyer film here in Sydney when he asked her a rather strange question…although we wouldn’t expect anything less from our Pete.

Pete asked whether Nicole would ever go completely BALD for a film and well he seemed to convince her!

Although really, she was so quick to answer that she didn’t really seem to need too much convincing on the matter! Anything for a role apparently! 


“Congratulations on this movie so far. Now look obviously you guys filmed this a long time ago and I know we’ve had big conversations about wigs in the past but your hair was short,” began Pete.

“Is there a cut off point for you, like, what would Keith say if you were to shave your head completely bald for a movie role? Would you do that?”

“Yeah of course!” replied Nicole immediately. “But Keith wouldn’t have any say in it.”

Damn, round of applause for Nicole everyone! This woman mean serious business. And TBH, she’s so gorgeous that we have no doubt that Nic can absolutely rock the Vin Diesel look.

Watch the whole thing go down on the red carpet in the video above!

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