You might think that Intern Pete gets treated somewhat unfairly on the Kyle and Jackie O but we have to say he kinda brings it on himself with stunts like this one.

Before the team left work yesterday, Pete reminded us all that today was his birthday. And so this morning the entire team tried to make his day a little bit special.

We sang Happy Birthday as Pete walked into the studio before the show started, our executive producer Palestine gave him a present (a rather expensive bottle of vodka) and Pedro even put their rivalry aside and offered to let him spin the birthday wheel.

But this is when things became unstuck for Pete.

Kyle and Jackie brought Intern Pete into the studio ready to spin the wheel for one of our lucky callers when they decided to call up his mum so that she could wish him a happy birthday live on air!

“Oh Helen’s here, Intern Pete’s mum,” said Kyle. “Hello, it’s Kyle and Jackie and your son, it’s his birthday today.”

How nice of us right? Well don’t expect this kind of treatment ever again Pete!


At first we were in shock because we thought that Pete’s mum Helen had forgotten her son’s birthday. But we quickly learned the real reason why she sounded so confused on the phone.

“Today? Is it today?” Helen asked. “Crikey! It’s hard to keep up these days.”

Poor Helen. Little did she know that she’d become a victim to Pete’s elaborate lie too.

“So is it really his birthday or is he lying?” asked Kyle, becoming a little suspicious.

“6th of February today isn’t it not the 6th of March? I gave birth to him on the 6th of March,” Helen revealed.

Now at first we thought maybe poor Pete had forgotten when his birthday was. Because TBH we wouldn’t be all too surprised. But eventually he fessed up and revealed he’d made the whole thing up.


“I’m caught in a very bad lie right now and there is an issue,” Pete said.

“We were originally going to have holidays in March and as a bit of a joke I wrote on the calendar which we all look at as producers that it was my birthday,” he continued. “I feel really bad now…It’s gone too far.”

Yep. Pete lied to all of us about his birthday because he thought he was going to miss out on all of the attention!

It’s safe to say that Kyle wasn’t happy about being tricked…

“People go, ‘Oh you give him a hard time’, this is why. Because you’re not fully there,” he said. “Get out! Gt the hell out! What a piece of sh*t this bloke is.”

Watch the whole awkward thing go down in the video above!

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