When it comes to pulling the pranks, Intern Pete is usually the mastermind behind the harmless jokes. But in this case, the tables were turned and Pete did NOT take it well.

Intern Pete has been incredibly serious about his fitness and health recently, asking anyone who will listen to join him on his infamous Park Runs.

Intern Pete Didn’t Take It Well When He Got Stitched Up In An Only Lying Prank Call

It’s been getting just a little bit annoying around the office (to say the least) and so the team decided to play a prank on him with one of our infamous Only Lying prank calls.

Pete has applied for annual leave a year in advance in order to travel to South Africa to participate in a massive marathon. And so our Assistant Content Director Richie decided to simply call Pete and tell him that his leave had not been approved.

And well…Intern Pete absolutely lost his shit! In fact, even Kyle and Jackie were surprised to see just how quick Pete was to fire back at the guy who is technically his supervisor!

Listen to the hilarious prank call in the video above!


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