The stars were out but in disguise on Friday night in Kings Cross for Kyle and Imogen’s infamous Halloween party.

This year the theme was ‘A Nightmare In Kings Cross’ as the event was held at ‘The Club’ on Bayswater Road and the dress code was simple: to dress up in costume “or f*ck off”…

Inside Kyle And Imogen’s “Loose” A Nightmare In Kings Cross Halloween Party

And dress up they did! Kyle and Imogen were dressed to the (creepy) nines for the event with both donning prosthetics to create their look.

Kyle wore a white shirt covered in blood and featured a massive gash on the side of his face with a centipede inside of it, while Imogen outdid herself this year with a completely blue outfit and impressive headpiece, dressing as Diva Plavaluguna from the ‘The Fifth Element’.


Speaking about the event this morning on Kyle and Jackie O, Kyle said that he was extremely impressed with everyone’s efforts with their costumes. But he admitted that he had no idea what his costume was supposed to be…

“Everyone dressed up very well, I thought it was amazing,” said Kyle.

“What were you dressed up as?” asked Jackie.

“Not sure…I had blood and a fleshy vagina (well that’s a description we didn’t need…) down the side of my face with all blood pouring out of it…I was wearing a hat, and a white shirt with blood all over it,” continued Kyle.

There was no doubt what Imogen was on the other hand as she  went all out with her fantasy film costume, painting her entire body blue with body paint and completed her look with a headpiece designed by special effects artists.


“The Fifth Element was always another big fave of mine – so I dressed up as Lady Plavalaguna – the opera singer,” wrote Imogen on Instagram. “Thank you so much @davesfxmua it’s definitely the most intense outfit/look I’ve ever done.”

Jackie wasn’t in attendance herself, but a version of Jackie O did make it to the party…Kyle and Jackie O producer (and serial pest to some) dressed up in Jackie for the event and even borrowed one of her jumpsuits to do so.

“You weren’t that missed because Pete dressed up as you,” said Kyle.

“I know and apparently he had an awesome time in my outfit. I actually loaned him that outfit,” added Jackie. “You fit into it which I feel really insulted by.”


But we don’t think Jackie will be wanting her jumpsuit back anytime soon after hearing just how loose he got in it…

“Lisa Oldfield said that she saw you at the trough and if I saw what she saw, she said I wouldn’t want that jumpsuit back,” said Jackie.

“It got a bit loose there I’ll tell you,” Kyle explained.

But it wasn’t just our own staff getting loose…Kyle went on to explain that something incredibly scandalous went on in the bathrooms involving two male celebrities!! And it was apparently so juicy that he couldn’t really go into much of the details…

“Something really weird happened, I can’t even say,” began Kyle. “It involved some celebrities and…Oh I can’t even say!”


Of course Kyle loves being a tease, but he eventually broke and spilled a little more info.

Listen to the video above to hear about the scandalous story! Jackie was shocked to her CORE when she heard!

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