Do you ever watch those seriously cringeworthy infomercials that air in the middle of those mid-morning news shows and think, ‘Who on earth would ever actually buy these products?’.

Well the answer is Kyle. Kyle Sandilands is a sucker for the cheap deals and handy products that they promise us during these segments and his collection at home is a testament to this.

The Infomercial Product That Left Jackie GAGGING Repeatedly On the kyle and jackie o show

Remember those ab circle pros? He’s got one! (and has used it only once) Those spider catcher contraptions? He’s definitely intrigued by them! And today, Kyle decided to bring one of his latest TV finds in studio to test on air.

“Natural, miracle, teeth-whitener. Activated coconut charcoal powder,” read Kyle on air, as though he were the smiling, fake-tanned individual attempting to sell it on TV.

It was one of those tubs of charcoal powder that claims to make your teeth sparkling white with instant results. And so Kyle decided to test it live on air this morning to give the product a bit of a review.

Little did he know though that the simple act of brushing his teeth (with a black paste we might add) would leave Jackie feeling so…ill.


Poor Jackie tried her best to keep it together, but before she knew it, to his dismay and Kyle’s delight, she was gagging over and over again!!

Watch the hilarious moment take place in the video above! (And of course see Kyle’s review of the product in the process)

We don’t think Jackie will be signing off on any of these segments anytime soon!

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