When Kyle heard that there was an app out there that could get you sent a personal message from a celebrity of your choosing he was immediately keen to get in on the action!

The app is called Cameo, and it’s basically a program that allows you to choose a celebrity and pay them to send a message to someone of your choosing.

It became a topic of discussion recently after someone pulled a pretty crazy prank on rapper Flavor Flav, getting him to record a message for Cardinal George Pell, who has been convicted of child sex abuse.

After trawling through the list, Kyle decided that he wanted to receive a message from American rapper and actor in one of his favourite TV shows, Law And Order SVU, none other than Ice-T!

But we bet he didn’t it to go down like this…

While Kyle might’ve been expecting some kind words from the musician, Jackie sorta stitched him up a bit getting him all excited for a message that ended up just poking fun of his weight!

Jackie had told Ice-T the various things that she wanted him to touch on in the message and these included a number of embarrassing stories that had happened to Kyle recently.


1. The fact that he was too fat to fit in a race car

2. The fact that he’s constantly sick

3. And the fact that he was too heavy for his horse

And let’s just say that Kyle wasn’t too happy about it…Just watch as his face drops as he realises he’s been stitched up!

Watch out Jackie, we have a feeling you’ll be getting a message from a celebrity sometime soon and with Kyle at the helm we have no doubt it will be some sort of pay back!

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