The one and only Hugh Jackman joined Kyle and Jackie O this morning to chat about his upcoming one man show, ‘The Man. The Music. The Show’ Australian tour, and by the sounds of it, this is seriously going to be the GREATEST show!

Following the phenomenal success of the 2017 film ‘The Greatest Showman’, which Jackman starred in, the Aussie performer decided to take some of the hit songs from the movie, along with some songs from his other hit films, and turn them into a live show.

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With news that this tour is now headed Down Under, Hugh joined Kyle and Jackie O to tell his Aussie fans what to expect.

“I was just telling everyone about this one man show,” said Kyle. “Tell us about it, because we don’t know a lot about it but we’re super keen to know.”


“I think after The Greatest Showman came out a year ago and that sort of thing took off I started getting an idea of going back and doing the show with a lot of those songs in it,” Hugh explained.

“But also you know, Les Mis and other stuff, a lot of dance, a lot of stories. I sort of just keep evolving the show…now with The Greatest Showman and other things I felt like putting together the 2.0 version of it.”

“Oh it’s going to be awesome!” expressed Jackie!

As for who’s idea it was to go ahead with a one man show, Hugh told us that it was all him and something he was incredibly excited to do.

“Whose idea was it to do the one man show?” asked Kyle.


“Me,” Hugh replied. “Totally, I mean it’s completely elf indulgent.

“It’s sort of my idea, I absolutely love it,” he continued. “It’s like an actor’s dream.”

We certainly want to be there when Hugh takes the stage in Sydney later this August, that’s for sure!

Tickets for The Man. The Music. The Show go on sale Thursday March 7 from Ticketek.

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