Today is a damn good day if you’re a single lady out there!

Kyle and Jackie O announced today that their infamous Naked Dating segment is making it’s return and it’s coming back in a seriously BIG (and gosh darn hot) way!

In case you missed it, let us explain…

By now, everyone should have heard of the hot brother – also known by his real name, Rhyce Power – who made a quick but very memorable appearance on night two of this season of Married At First Sight.

Rhyce is the brother to one of the brides on this season, Jessika, and following his air time on Tuesday night, he has since gone absolutely viral for his incredibly good looks.


Rhyce was the number one trending topic from the episode with numerous gals and guys expressing just how hot he was and offering themselves up to date him.


His Instagram following also skyrocketed, going from 1000 people to a whopping 38.6 THOUSAND followers in just two days.

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Speaking with Kyle and Jackie O this morning, Rhyce revealed that he’d had an insane amount of women messaging him on the social media platform as well as many other reality TV shows hitting him up to be a contestant.

“My phone just started blowing up,” Rhyce said. “I didn’t know how to take it. I’ve had messages from modelling agencies TV shows…I’ve got 7,240 [direct messages] that I haven’t read.”


But before you go starting your applications for every single dating show out there in preparation, let us save you some time with this SERIOUSLY good news for you.

Before he can be officially snapped up into the reality TV world, Kyle and Jackie O offered to be the first ones to give the ladies a shot at dating the tattooed hunk.

That’s right – Rhyce has agreed to take part in NAKED DATING!!

“W’d love to have you in here one day or pimp you out,” said Kyle.

“Oh yeah, you could do a segment, we do a segment called Naked Dating,” Jackie suggested.

The segment sees a single guy and gal come in studio for a blind date wearing nothing but a robe.


If they like what they see, they have the option to remove them and get down to their skins.

And thanks to Rhyce, and of course popular demand, Naked Dating will make a special return for one day only!

“I’d definitely be up for that guys,” Rhyce replied.

If you want to know a little more about Mr Power other than the fact that he’s really, really, ridiculously good looking here’s a few facts.

He’s 28. Currently living in Melbourne. Recently single. A Carpenter by day and, wait for it, a lady entertainer by night!

So if you’re a single lady out there and you’ve spent the past couple of days frothing over Rhyce, then hit us up!


We have no doubt that this will be our hottest attempt at the dating experiment yet…