Kyle and Jackie O interview some of the world’s biggest celebrities everyday on the show. But today they decided to do things a little bit differently.

Samantha Jade was under the impression that she would be joining Kyle and Jackie for a chat about her new album, Best Of My Love.

But instead of calling into the studio for a casual chat, Sammy became the subject of one of Kyle and Jackie O’s new, hilarious pranks called ‘The On Hold Game’.

The way that it works is that one of our producers prepares the celeb for what they think is an interview, telling them that the next voice they will hear is Kyle and Jackie.

BUT, instead what ensues is Kyle and Jackie putting on a myriad of voices, pretending to be serious departments from the ARN office. The goal is to see how long we can keep the star on hold before they start to catch on.

And let’s just say, things took a weirdly hilarious turn when the guys decided to take things to the next level and bring accents into their impressions…

Find out how Samantha Jade reacted to being kept on hold and just what she thought when she found out she’d been the centre of their prank in the video above!

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