There have been some big debates in the past across Australia that really have divided the nation.

Who should be the Prime Minister? Is Sydney or Melbourne the best capital city? Is it Yanny or Laurel?

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And of course, who really should’ve won Australian Idol, Guy Sebastian or Shannon Noll?

Fifteen years ago, although the scars still run deep for some people, Guy Sebastian took out the title of the first ever winner of Australian Idol, leaving Shannon Noll as the runner up and causing a stir with some mega Nollsie fans.


But today we have to say, Guy Sebastian pretty much demolished any question that people might have as he proved once and for all what an absolute STAR he is with his live performance on the Kyle and Jackie O Show.

The thing with these live acoustic performances is that with the songs so stripped back there’s plenty of room for mistakes to be made.

But Guy came in here and absolutely SMASHED his rendition of ‘Before I Go’ and nailed EVERY. SINGLE. NOTE!

Seriously this video is going to give you goosebumps! And if you were previously leaning towards Nollsie’s side, well this might just change your tune. #TeamGuy!

Watch Guy Sebastian performing ‘Before I Go’ live on the Kyle and Jackie O Show in the video above!