Actor, comedian, children’s book author and now singer? Rhys Darby joined Kyle and Jackie O on air this morning and like what usually happens with our ceeb interviews, things were taken to a bit of a weird place.

Despite the fact that Rhys is now a mega Hollywood star living it up in Los Angeles, you might recognise from his pretty thick accent that he’s a true Kiwi at heart!

In fact, he’s so connected to his homeland that he’s BFFs with New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and he’s actually just become the face of New Zealand tourism.

Rhys was chatting about this new gig with the guys when Kyle, who we have to admit was kind of jealous of everything Rhys has done, said that he was probably only chosen because they have slim pickings in terms of famous people over in New Zealand.

“So they chose you to be the face of New Zealand Tourism?” asked Jackie.

“Well who else are they going to choose,” butted in Kyle. “Are you the most famous person in New Zealand? There was Dave Dobbyn and then now he’s not that famous, not anymore.”

But instead of retaliating to Kyle’s cheeky jabs, Rhys went on to say that Dave Dobbyn’s famous song ‘Slice Of Heaven’ was his all time favourite tune. And of course, this led to a group singalong live on air!


We told you, our interviews just seem to go to weird places! Forget Friday Duets, we need Rhys Darby in more often to create Friday Trios!

But this wasn’t the only time during the interview that Kyle was pretty petty with Rhys Darby. Watch the full interview in the videos below to see just how easily Kyle got jealous of Rhys!

Kyle And Jackie O’s Full Chat With Rhys Darby – Part 1


Kyle And Jackie O’s Full Chat With Rhys Darby – Part 2

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