Have you ever had that terrible moment of realisation when you’re standing at the bathroom sink brushing your teeth when you look down and see that you’ve accidentally just used your sibling’s toothbrush?

If you haven’t, consider yourself lucky…

But poor Kyle experienced something on par with this, if not slightly worse, when he was having a shower recently. And he told us all about it during the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning.

The gross thing that kyle admitted to doing in the shower

“We’ve got two loofah’s in our shower,” began Kyle during his rant. “My whole life I’ve thought one is Imogen’s and the white one is mine.”

Oh but he was wrong. He was so very wrong.

“Last night when I was loofahring myself up for the nine thousandth time Imogen comes in and goes, ‘Babe that’s the dog’s loofah!’. The freaking dog’s loofah,” said Kyle in complete and utter disgust.


So for starters that’s just gross, but on a second note, what sort of dog has it’s own loofah in the shower?! Kyle and Immy’s pups must be spoiled beyond belief!

“I said that’s your loofah here, the black one, and I thought the white one was mine!…Where’s my loofah?!” shouted Kyle.

You’d think Kyle would have his own loofah if the dog has one…We bet the first thing he did on his way home today was stop at the closest supermarket to buy one!

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