When you think of the Kyle and Jackie O show, we bet you don’t usually think politics. And we don’t blame you! We’re the first to say we’re not the most politically focused media outlet out there. 

But today, that all changed. Today we played host to a Liberal Vs. Labor debate of sorts.

This morning, Kyle and Jackie O were the only radio station to host the current NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian as well as the state opposition leader Michael Daley in a joint interview. 

The pair went head to head on their various policies ahead of the state election this Saturday and even took your listener questions to find out exactly what you want from our premier.  

Both Gladys and Michael told us why they think NSW citizens should vote for them this weekend. 

According to Mr Daley, he says the current government has their priorities wrong and that his party will fight for the average person in the suburbs. 

“I think that it’s time to bring back a bit of hope and respect for ordinary people in the suburbs. I think the government’s got their priorities wrong,” Michael said. 


“It’s sold $70 billion worth of assets. Privatisation of electricity, sold ports, sold the land titles office.

“$14 billion dollars worth of that has gone to waste and blowouts on projects like the WestConnex, like the light rail which is almost a year late, and I just think it’s time to stop the madness that’s descended upon Sydney with overdevelopment, congestion.”

“We’ve got a big project that I’m not going to build which is Allians Stadium. That should stay standing,” Mr Daley continued. “I think that you can do a refurbishment of that stadium for much more cheaply than $730 million.”

Gladys was then given her right of reply to tell us and our listeners what the Liberal government will do if they win the election. 

“First of all I want to say, I believe in the people of this state and I have positive plans for the future,” Ms Berejiklian told us. 

“When we came to government the budget was a mess, unemployment was high, we’ve turned all that around and now what we’re doing is investing back in our communities. 


“And look, we’re not a perfect government,” she continued. “I don’t get everything right. But my heart is always to make things better for the state. Building new rail lines, building new roads, building the schools and hospitals of the future and yes, also building our sporting facilities. 

“I don’t want NSW to fall behind. I want us to stay the best state we can be and I want every single person no matter where they live in NSW, no matter their background, where they came from, what their circumstances are to have the best life possible.”

Following their speeches, we took your listener questions with Ms Berejiklian and Mr Daley.

You know, to get to the important issues like bathrooms on the freeway, who will be the loosest politician and building more Macca’s restaurants.

Hear the full chat with Gladys and Michael – including answering listener questions – in the video above!

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