Cooking in your kitchen is something that pretty much everyone does daily and so this devastating situation is something that can happen to anyone. One moment everything is fine and the next it can all go up in flames and you can lose absolutely everything.

This is exactly what happened to Kaitlin, a single mum of two young girls.

Kaitlin was cooking bacon and eggs for breakfast one day when she turned her back to the fry pan for a few moments. Before she knew it the oil had caught on fire and her stove top erupted in flames.

“I saw the fire so I ran and grabbed a big bucket of water and through it over my stove to try and put it out,” explained Kaitlin.

But unfortunately things turned from bad to worse. After throwing water on the flames to try and put them out the fire actually got bigger and soon enough the entire kitchen was alight.

“I literally lost all of my furniture, my beds, TV,” continued Kaitlin. “My whole unit was destroyed.”

Not only did the fire leave Kaitlin and her family with next to nothing, but only a few years ago Kaitlin was forced to rebuild a life for her girls from scratch after leaving a relationship that was filled with domestic violence. Kaitlin had just finished paying off her furniture when it was all turned to ash.


After hearing Kaitlin’s heartbreaking story Kyle and Jackie O wanted to do something to help. They knew that Kaitlin wanted to take her young children to the Easter show and so they provided her with tickets to visit the show on it’s last day today.

But that wasn’t enough. On top of this, Kyle and Jackie gave Kaitlin $10,000 worth of furniture from King Furniture so that she doesn’t have to stress about rebuilding their life once again.

“We can’t have people who are already struggling, struggle any further,” said Kyle. The team at KIIS were incredibly happy to have been able to put big smiles on this family’s faces once again!


A massive thank you to King Living. Why buy ordinary furniture when you can come home to King furniture.