Kyle and Jackie O absolutely LOVE making dreams come true and today we were able to give one of Pink’s biggest fans and a very deserving woman the ultimate surprise.

This special mother’s day giveback was brought to our attention by an 18-year-old listener, Cody.

Cody contacted us about his mother Billie Jo to tell us just how hard working, selfless and truly deserving she is of having a special mother’s day.

Billie Jo is a single mum to five beautiful children. In the past couple of years she has really struggled after her own mother tragically passed away, she was forced to move their family to three different houses in the past year, had her car vandalised and has struggled to deal with depression.

Cody told us that no matter what, his mum has always put his and his sibling’s needs above her own and that’s something that he has always admired about her.

“My mum’s been through a lot, especially in the last couple of years,” Cody told Kyle and Jackie O this morning.

“And no matter what she’s been through she’s always pushed her issues aside for us.”


“I remember like, two weeks ago, she went out and got two dresses for herself and then it only came to a total of like $60 or something and she got really upset because she thought that it was going to put us behind or stop us from getting something.

“She will honestly put our needs before herself. When we were in school when I was younger, if I needed money for food or lunch she would go without.”

Billie Jo truly is a selfless mum and so of course Cody and his sibling’s really wanted to make sure that she has the most special Mother’s Day ever.

Cody told us that his mum is the biggest P!nk fan that he has ever met and so we decided to send Intern Pete over to Billie Jo’s house to surprise her with the ULTIMATE P!nk experience – a trip to NYC to see P!nk perform LIVE in Madison Square Garden!


When Billie Jo heard the good news, she was brought to tears at the generosity and length that her kids had gone to to make sure that she had a happy Mother’s Day!

Watch the special giveback in the video above!

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