Kyle and Jackie O’s Give or Take segment can be heartbreaking but at times it can also be really rewarding. Today we brought it back to see whether a stranger would give up thousands of dollars to someone in need, or keep it all for themselves.

The way that the segment works is that Kyle and Jackie O pick a listener in desperate need of money to come in the studio and tell their story.

We then choose a stranger off the street to come in and hear the story and pose them with a choice. They can either give $5000 to the person in need – someone they’ve never met before – or keep it for themselves.

They have 24 hours to make their decision and whatever they decide, they have to tell the person face to face.

Today we had listener Bec in the studio who explained why she was in need of the cash.

32-year-old Bec is in a wheel chair and has lost the feeling in both of her legs after suffering numerous seizures for about six years now.

The seizures began after spinal reconstruction surgery. Some of the seizures that Bec suffers through can last close to two hours.


Bec tries to stay independent and thankfully can drive a car with the help of special technology that allows her to control a car with just her hands.

She was finally able to purchase this technology and have it installed in her car, which costs about $8000, when just a few days later someone broke in and stole it.

Bec needs this money to help purchase another Satellite Acceleration System in order to maintain the last little bit of independence that she has.

After chatting with Bec, we sent Intern Pete to pluck a stranger from the street and he came back with 18-year-old Charlotte.

We told her Bec’s story and then posed the question to her – Would she give the money or keep it for herself?

Charlotte now has until tomorrow to make her decision! Tune into the Kyle and Jackie O show tomorrow to find out what she does!

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