Ever since Kyle and Jackie O heard about this program called Cameo that allows you to purchase a video message from a celebrity they’ve been having a LOT of fun with it.

First, Jackie got a video made for Kyle from one of his favourite actors, Ice-T, in which she got him to make fun of the fact that Kyle couldn’t fit inside a race car.

And so of course Kyle decided to retaliate by making a video of his own for Jackie with the help of actor, Gary Busey.

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Kyle, who LOVES to constantly bring up the fact that Jackie’s recently single, decided to get Gary to send a video message with some relationship advice.

But if you’ve seen any interviews of Gary Busey before, you’ll know that he can be a little… let’s say, unhinged. And so Gary sent us the video, although it wasn’t really what we were expecting.


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“I wanted him to say that this message is for Jackie, who has had two failed marriages and if she ever wants to get another man she needs to seriously work on her marriage technique,” Kyle told us on air this morning.

“That’s all I said. Can you please give her advice on how to keep a man.”

But instead, this is how Gary responded. And seriously, this is probably the funniest video you will watch all freaking day. Nay, all WEEK!

“Hey Jackie, this is Gary Busey. How are you? And congratulations on your third marriage,” Gary starts in the selfie video in-between what we can only describe as wheezes.

And BTW, let us just clarify that Jackie didn’t go and get married over the weekend. That was just Gary’s interpretation of Kyle’s message.


And things just get more confusing from here as he began to give her advice.

“Three is a charm and also, three is a trinity,” he says. “And a trinity is the strongest number we have.

“So get married, have fun, don’t take things seriously. Compromising will come naturally and give him everything he wants plus more and make him, talk to him, encourage him to give you everything you are but more. ‘Coz you are a lot of a woman for this dude to handle.

“Yeah, make out a list for him, what to do, what to say. Don’t do that. Just get married and have fun okay? Goodbye. Have fun.”

Umm.. Yeah.. Gary are you okay?

“Oh he’s crazy,” laughed Jackie after watching the video.


Watch the hilarious Cameo from Gary Busey in the video above. Because seriously if you thought just the quotes were weird, just wait until it’s paired with the vision…

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