In case you missed the memo, Fridays are now dress up days here on the Kyle and Jackie O show, with a different theme each week.

We’ve done ‘Power Suit’ and ‘Dress as Kyle’ themes, but this week was, in my own opinion, the BEST ONE YET!

Today was FRIENDS Friday, which meant we all had to chuck on our best 90s attire and dress up as characters from the iconic sitcom.

We had some Rachels, Joeys, a Gunther and even a specific Ross costume from that hilarious episode when he got an atrocious fake tan from counting Mississippily (If you know, you know…)

But we have to say one of the best costumes today has to go to our very own Jackie, who really committed to her character, Phoebe Buffay (That’s P as in Phoebe, H as is Hoebe, O as in Oebe, E as in Ebe, B as in Bebe and E as in ‘Ello there mate…)

Jackie donned a floral maxi dress and denim jacket with colourful clips in her hair and a black chocker.

But the best part of the look was her acoustic guitar, which she not only carried around with her, but she actually played us a little tune!


That’s right, Jackie took on the infamous Smelly Cat, and it was honestly so good!

She even hit the “Smelly cat, Smel-ly cat” pronunciation that Phoebe is so adamant about!

Watch Jackie’s rendition of Smelly Cat in the video above!

And check out the rest of our team’s costumes on our socials!


If Jackie is keen on taking requests on Phoebe songs, we reckon she should try this one next:


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