Usually when a celebrity goes on a social media culling spree, deleting almost if not every single one of their precious posts, it usually means something big is coming or they’ve been through some sort of breakup.

And well, seeing as hit singer Ellie Goulding is happily engaged and remaining rather quiet while planning her wedding, we figured that neither of these were the case.

So if you were wondering why the ‘Love Me Like You Do’ singer went through and deleted a huge bunch of her Instagram posts pretty back in October, well we’ve finally got your answer!

Ellie Goulding explains why she deleted almost all of her instagram posts

Ellie caught up with Kyle and Jackie O this morning to chat about her new song with Diplo, ‘Close To Me’ when she explained what was going through her mind at the time of her Insta cleanse.


“I noticed on social media you deleted a bunch of Instagram posts,” began Jackie. “We all do it at times, we go and have a cleanse and we look back over posts we aren’t happy with. What made you delete certain posts?”

Ellie explained that it didn’t really have a big meaning behind it apart from the fact that she wanted to learn not to rely so heavily on social media.

“I think a purge is a good word for it,” she said. “I don’t know, I was kind of torn. Like half of me was like, ‘I want to keep these memories’ and the other half was like, ‘Meh, I’m just going to start fresh.

“And I think it made me realise how much I rely on Instagram for like everything. And so I wanted to stop my reliance on it and realise that it’s really, really not the end of the world.”

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Oh and just a few of the deletes had a little bit to do with alcohol…

“Sometimes I post a picture and I’m like ‘Why?’. What possessed me to think that was a good picture?” Ellie went on.

“Most of my posts are when I’ve had a few drinks…Every so often I’d tweet when I was drunk and then my fans would instantly go, ‘You’re drunk’.”

Don’t worry Ellie, we’ve ALL been there!

While Goulding is back up and posting on her account, there’s definitely some big lessons in there that we can learn from!

1. Social media isn’t the be all and end all!


2. Don’t drink and post…

Thanks for the social media schooling Ellie!

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