Last night’s episode of Married At First Sight saw two of the most talked about couples from this season choose to leave in the commitment ceremony.

But apparently it wasn’t as plain and simple as the producers may have wanted us to believe…

People began to question whether Bronson’s decision to leave his pretty toxic relationship with Ines had been tampered with by producers.

The reason being that before the commitment ceremony when Bronson had to make his decision he was speaking about how happy he was that his relationship with Ines was progressing, meaning many people thought he would choose to stay in the experiment.

It wasn’t until the actual commitment ceremony that Bronson found out that his onscreen wife had been having a secret affair with Sam. After which Bronson revealed that he had chosen to leave the relationship.


It lead people to believe that, given the circumstances, producers must have given Bronson the opportunity to change his answer. But apparently something else made him change his mind.

Elizabeth Sobinoff, one of the people caught up in this Sam/Ines/Bronson love square, joined Kyle and Jackie O this morning when she revealed what REALLY happened that made Bronson choose to leave.

And it’s probably something producers didn’t want you to know.

“Why would it say leave? Do you get to change your mind?” asked Jackie this morning.

“No, you can’t,” said Elizabeth, clearly eager to spill the beans on this one (i.e. her self-proclaimed crazy eyes were on full display).

“You can’t change your mind. Once you do that you can’t change your mind. There is no going back.”


Elizabeth is referring to the fact that contestants have to leave their partners for a portion of time to make their decision to stay or leave and once they’ve written it down that decision is final.

So then why did Bronson say leave? Elizabeth spilled all the secret details!

“I think Ines really did like Sam and well, she sent him a text message,” Elizabeth revealed. “There’s an exclusive.”

“Sent who a text message?” asked Kyle.

“Bronson,” she said.

“She sent him a message saying?” asked Jackie.


“Say leave. She didn’t say why,” replied Liz. “That’s what I remember. I could be getting this wrong but there was a message there.”

Well that explains why Bronson looked so defeated as he revealed his answer to everyone last night! It wasn’t producer intervention but his own wife!

You’re better off Bronson trust us…

Hear Elizabeth’s full interview with Kyle and Jackie O in the video below!

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