Apparently Kyle isn’t the only one out there trying to pimp out our very own Jackie O. It seems that every gossip mag out there is too.

Earlier this month rumours began to surface that Jackie was moving on and was currently dating Network Ten heartthrob, Dr Chris Brown.

But is there any truth to the rumours? Kyle decided to find out once and for all when the vet and his TV co-host Julia Morris joined the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning to chat about their new show, Sunday Night Takeaway.

“Dr Chris did you hear that Jackie is now single?” asked Kyle.

“More than hear, I was quick to seize upon that apparently,” said Chris sarcastically.

“Apparently,” said Jackie.

“Oh did you leap on like Larry the lunger?” Julia Morris said, adding a little bit of her typical humour to the situation.


“Well there was an article about it, saying that you two were together. Wasn’t it in a women’s magazine?” Kyle explained.

The article in question reported that there was a “new couple alert” and that Chris and Jackie had been “caught out” in a new romance.

The article also claimed that the pair had been leaning on each other after their respective break ups due to their apparent long-running “chemistry”.

But after seeing Jackie and Chris together this morning, we’re calling BS on these claims!

“I’d been in Africa for seven-weeks at the time, yet somehow…” trailed off Chris.


“Apparently we were out to dinner,” Jackie added.

“So that’s the fun thing about being single isn’t it is to find out each week who you’re now linked with,” Julie joked.

“I know Chris certainly is because I think we were linked and then the next week I’m pretty sure you were having Fifi Box’s baby.”

Yep, Dr Chris Brown is no stranger to a dating rumour. For a long time now it’s been rumoured that he was dating fellow Network Ten employee Liv Phyland

With all the sarcasm being thrown around here, we think it’s safe to say that these rumours are completely false!


And this really upset Julia Morris. Not because rumours had been made up about her co-host but because she wasn’t part of it!

“I tell you what really, really upsets me,” Julia said. “How have Dr Chris and I never been linked? I’ve been hanging outside his room, I’ve been like stealing his clothes from the clothes line, you name it, I’ve been doing it.

“And not a single link. No one will believe it,” she joked.

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Maybe one day Julia! Maybe one day!

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