Eurovision has kicked off in Lisbon Portugal and its all very exciting because our very own Jessica Mauboy is over there representing Australia and singing her gorgeous song ‘We Got Love’.

Not only this, but not long ago we found out that Jess had actually made it through the semi finals and into the grand final event that will go down on Sunday morning our time.

But despite the fact that Jessica Mauboy is an amazing singer and her song is simply sensational, Kyle and Jackie O thought that one simple voting flaw might make actually make it impossible for us to win the whole competition.

It turns out that you can’t actually vote for your won country and so for Australia, being one of a few countries that aren’t actually European in the competition, it might be difficult for us to gather the amount of votes needed to take out the coveted title.

And so, Kyle and Jackie O decided to devise a plan to increase our chance of winning. The idea was to contact another country that might also struggle to get lots of votes and negotiate a treaty with them!


Our chosen target? Ireland! After the whole Brexit thing we figured that they might also be struggling in the votes department from Euopean countries.

We managed to get a hold of the Jim Jim and Nobby show from FM 104 in Dublin and a treaty was arranged. The plan was simple! We would agree to get as many Australians as possible to vote for Ireland’s entry in the Eurovision competition and vice versa!

Watch the video above to find out exactly how our international negotiation went down and find all of the voting details below!


Download the Eurovision App and vote (if you wish to help us out with our treaty) for the Irish singer Ryan O’Shaughnessy, a singer and actor who was on the Voice in Ireland. If you missed his performance, you can listen to a snippet in the video below! 


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