There’s no doubt that the new look Today Show, following the mass departure of a number of the breakfast program’s popular reporters, has received mixed reviews.

Just last week the TV show on Channel Nine launched their groundbreaking brand new program with two female hosts at the helm, Georgie Gardner and Deborah Knight.

While there’s been a whole heap of people supporting the changes (including our very own Kyle), there’s also been a whole heap of people who DEFINITELY don’t. And they haven’t been keeping their opinions quiet either.


And with these mixed reviews of course also came a bunch of rumours, including one that claimed that Deb Knight had already had enough of The Today Show gig and is leaving the show just over a week in.

This morning when Kyle and Jackie O spoke to the pair of journos they decided to get to the bottom of this rumour and they asked Deb straight out whether there was any truth to the gossip.

“Deb there have been reports in the women’s mags that you’re leaving already. That you’ve decided to quit,” said Jackie.

Georgie was first to respond off the bat with a sarcastic quip at her co-host, basically trying to highlight just how ridiculous the whole thing was.

“She didn’t even tell me Jackie. Can you believe it?” she joked with a smile. “Didn’t even have the decency to tell me.”

“Where does this stuff come from?” asked Kyle.


Deb kept her co-hosts sarcastic tone going, saying that the fact that she had recently travelled to visit her family might have appeared to some people (i.e the gossips) as some sort of warning sign.

“Well I did go home and see my family this weekend because I’ve got young kids and so I went and hung out with them on the weekend,” started Deb.

“I did think twice about getting on the flight [back] frankly because they’re heading off on holidays to the south coast of NSW, I thought, ‘Well that would be quite nice’, but I did get on the plane don’t worry I’m here.

“I think writing me off five days in might be a little too soon,” she concluded on a more serious note.


Well said Deb! Looks like she’s definitely here and ready to wake up with Today for the long haul!

Check out the rest of our chat with Georgie Gardner and Deborah Knight in the video above!

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