When you hear the name Dean Lewis you no doubt think of the super star with the amazing voice and numerous hits.

But before the Aussie made the big leagues of the music biz, he was working with none other than Beau Ryan at Channel Nine. Although his job there might not be what you’d expect.

Dean joined Kyle and Jackie O and special guest Beau this morning when he detailed his humble roots in the entertainment industry.

Well actually, it was more Beau’s idea to bring it up…It all came about when Beau walked into the studio and interrupted the interview holding a big, fluffy boom mic and wearing headphones.

“Excuse me, Beau Ryan’s in the background…holding what, in television land, is known as a boom mic, with some headphones on,” Kyle said. “I’m not sure what this is about.”


And so Beau sat down and explained to us that he actually knew Dean and he couldn’t resist coming in here to tell us how they met.

“Six months ago I was watching channel V at home with Kara and the family and I just, I saw Dean Lewis come on and I’m like, ‘I know that guy!’,” Beau explained.

“And then I saw the name and I’m like, ‘I know that name! That’s Dean Lewis!’”

“I worked with him at Channel Nine,” Beau continued. “So ten years ago, probably in 2009, 2010, Dean used to hold the boom, the audio guy, for me doing my segments on The Footy Show.”

Ahh so that explains the whole boom mic thing!


But my goodness how the roles have reversed since then!

While Beau likes to brag a little to everyone now that he’s friends with the mega superstar Dean Lewis, it turns out back when Dean was just the tech guy, Beau didn’t really want a bar of him.

“He used to show me videos of himself singing and I’m like ‘Oh yeah that’s great but just hold the boom man’,” Beau joked.

“Beau actually found me on Instagram one day, I had like a thousand followers and he came up to me when I was holding the boom and he goes, ‘I was up late last night and I found you on Instagram’ and I didn’t say anything, I was hoping he would follow me,” Dean explained.

“But then he just goes ‘Cool’, and walks away. He didn’t follow me but now he does.”

“He didn’t follow you when you were just a boom mic holder but now that you’re an international singing sensation Beau’s telling everyone, ‘Oh he’s my mate’,” added Kyle.


But Dean doesn’t mind. In fact he’s happy to have started out at the bottom of the ladder because it keeps him grounded now.


“I guess it’s given me a good and healthy understanding of how the other side works,” Dean continued. “I try to say hi to everyone. You know if someone’s a nice person by how they treat the dude who’s just like the invisible guy. So I guess it was a good learning experience.”

Well we’re certainly glad that Dean Lewis was plucked from behind the scenes and put in front of the microphone! Dude’s got some SERIOUS talent!

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