One of the big pieces of news this week was the interview that David Koch did with Pauline Hanson on Channel Seven’s breakfast TV program Sunrise.

The explosive interview saw Pauline and Kochie face-off in a discussion about the Christchurch terror attack and the treatment of Muslims in Australia, with the conversation turning pretty heated.

Since the interview aired, viewers have been left fuming at the Sunrise co-host, claiming that he shouldn’t have behaved in that way towards a guest no matter what the topic of discussion was.


Some people have taken the incident so seriously that a petition was even created on to have Kochie fired from Sunrise with the document receiving almost 122,000 signatures so far.

Kochie joined Kyle and Jackie O this morning to speak about the fiery interview and to explain his side of the story.

He told us that he chose to stand up against Pauline during the interview because he’s sick of politicians pitting Australians against muslims and he wanted to hold her accountable for some of the things she has said against muslims.

“I went her because her words, and probably I’m a bit too passionate about this because I do work with muslim youth workers in western Sydney, some of them are based in our youth centre at Macquarie fields, that when politicians talk and they pit Australians against muslims and the scare mongering, these kids deal with it on the street,” Kochie told us.

“They fear for their safety of normal people. And what happened in New Zealand really got to me because we’re a society now that’s becoming a bit dangerous. And so I sort of questioned and Pauline’s had a lot worse in Parliament she’s the leader of a major political party.

“I asked her to justify why she’s so anti muslim,” he continued.


In the footage from the interview, Kochie can be heard calling out Pauline on her claims about Muslims. He became offended with Pauline’s answer when she claimed that he didn’t know what was actually happening in muslim communities.

Kochie explained to Kyle and Jackie O that this comment tipped him over the edge because he is highly passionate about helping muslim communities.

“That sort of tipped me over the edge,” he said. “When she said I wouldn’t know, I probably, I did go a bit too hard and I accept that.”

“But it’s live television and fiery debates between two opposing views are what society needs,” added Kyle.


“And I’m passionate about it,” continued Kochie.

The Sunrise co-host went on to say he’s aware that he’s been trolled online all week following his comments but he accepts that this is part of the job in working in the media spotlight.

He also told us that he has received praise from people in the muslim community for sticking up for them.

“I’ve been trolled all week, which is fine you know, when you’re own social media you get trolled,” he said.

“But then I get a letter from Father Chris and the youth team at Youth Off The Streets saying, ‘Thanks for sticking up for us and more people have to do it because we feel it walking the streets’.”

Hear more from Kochie’s interview with Kyle and Jackie O in the video above.

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