We’ve been dealing with all of Kyle’s beef with various celebrities this week as we launched the Kyle and Jackie O Celebrity Bounty Hunt, but little did we know we’d be bringing up beef that Kyle didn’t even know he had!

Darren McMullen joined us in studio this morning when he revealed that he had a bit of a bone to pick with Kyle in regards to a relationship he was in about seven years ago.

The former host of The Voice claimed that Kyle had ruined his Valentine’s Day and caused a mega fight between him and the mystery woman after relaying a rumour that was 100% not true!

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“You ruined my Valentine’s Day about seven year’s ago. You ruined it,” Darren explained.

“There was a certain coach of a certain show that I was allegedly seeing at the time and on Valentine’s Day I had this big thing organised, the picnic, the champagne, the whole thing, the music, for this person I was allegedly seeing.


“And she’d been…speaking to you [Kyle] and you had said, ‘Is it true, this Scottish guy, are you seeing this guy?’ and of course it was all secret so it was ‘No’.

“And you said, ‘Oh that’s good because actually, somebody I work with is sleeping with him.”

Oh damn!! All of a sudden Kyle’s memory was refreshed.

“I do remember this conversation!” Kyle gasped.

“You absolutely ruined my Valentine’s Day,” Darren exclaimed. “I wasn’t banging that girl. That was a rumour.”

So what was the fall out of this faux pas from Kyle? Well it turns out he might’ve actually caused more than one ruined Valentine’s Day… He might’ve actually broken them up altogether!


“What was the fallout from that on Valentine’s Day?” asked Jackie.

“Well it wasn’t good! I think the clothes were thrown of balconies…tears were had, affidavit’s were signed. Ruined it,” Darren replied.

“So did you guys split after that?” Jackie continued.

“Yeah it’s all Kyle’s fault,” he replied. “But it’s okay bro, I forgive you.”

Luckily this one’s all water under the bridge!

Of course you might be wondering who the mystery woman that was “allegedly” dating Darren is…


Now Darren didn’t mention any names so we don’t really know for sure but we think through a process of elimination we can make a short list of people at the very least.

Basically, we know Darren used to be the host of The Voice Australia. He mentioned that the woman in question was a “coach” on a particular show, so you’d think it would be safe to assume they met on the same show.

If that’s the case, there really hasn’t been that many female coaches on The voice during Darren’s time on the show… We’ll leave the rest up to you to put two and two together on that one…

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