With three weeks left to go on this season of Married At First Sight, followed by what is sure to be one heck of a reunion episode, there’s one question on all of our minds.

Which couples are still together and which ones don’t last the distance?

Today, Kyle and Jackie O spoke with Cyrell Paule, who is in the latter category after her and her husband Nic chose to leave the experiment last night, and she dished on the current relationship status of some of the couples.


Of course, if you want to know about people like Martha and Michael or Jessika and Dan, Cyrell isn’t the person to ask, because in her own words, she doesn’t keep up to date with the “fake” people.

But if you want to know about our fav couple Jules and Cam, Cyrell has all the info!

She couldn’t directly say if they are still together or not but she seemed to hint that they are.


“Yeah look I will let you know, that not everyone had an ending like me and some actually make it until the end,” Cyrell explained after a listener asked the question. “And I said some.”

“Are they still together now, Jules and Cam for instance?” asked Jackie.

“Jules and Cam is like a pure love story right there so yeah you know, you never know what happens,” Cyrell replied with an eye roll. Which we can only assume means, ‘They stay together, duh!’.

Cyrell went on to say that the ones who are “only there for Instagram fame”, she didn’t mention names but we can assume who she’s talking about, will stay until the end to get as much airtime as possible, but not for genuine reasons.


The only other couple that Cyrell made direct mention of was one that we find very difficult to read, Heidi and Mike.


On the show, Heidi and Mike have been incredibly up and down. One moment they’re making out, the next they’re fighting about some pretty trivial things.

Cyrell of course couldn’t give us a definitive answer but she did say she’s kept in contact with both of them and she gave us the feeling that something big goes down between these two.

“What about Mike and Heidi? I’m serious about them,” asked Jackie.

“Look I’m actually good friends with both of them,” Cyrell said before becoming quite lost for words.


“There’s a lot that uh, I can’t say,” she eventually said.

“What you see with them that’s really how they are but um, yeah. They’re good people.”

While her mouth didn’t say too much on these two, her face kind of says it all! Check it out in the video above!

Hear Cyrell’s Full interview with kyle and jackie o here!

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