It’s very apparent that there’s been a lack of communication going on between two Married At First Sight stars after what seemed to be one of the most awkward TV interviews ever!

For a short time now it’s been rumoured that MAFS contestants and bestie from the show Elizabeth Sobinoff and Cyrell Paule would be joining forces to do their own reality TV show.

The rumours suggest that the pair had been scouted for a show similar to ‘The Simple Life’ that would see them travel around Australia.

Liz was asked to appear on Today Extra yesterday with Sonia Kruger and David Campbell yesterday and they were clearly under the impression that she would be discussing this exciting new project with them.

But Liz on the other hand had absolutely no idea about the show! And things turned pretty awkward when she was asked about it.


“Now Elizabeth and Cyrell are joining forces to star in their own reality TV show,” said Sonia during the introduction of the segment.

“So we brought Lizzie in to tell us all about it… so what is this project with Cyrell?” David asked.

“I don’t know,” Sobinoff said, shutting down the whole point of the interview altogether.

She claimed she heard the rumours but hadn’t actually heard anything concrete about the production of a show based around her and Cyrell.

“So who talked about it then, (Cyrell) did?” asked David.

“She must of,” Liz answered.


You can hear the full, awkward encounter in the video below:

Following this interview, Kyle and Jackie O this morning spoke with Cyrell to hear her side of the story.

And it seems that this is now the MAFS feud that we never actually saw coming!


Cyrell told us that she was a bit upset that Liz had blamed the rumours on her during the interview and said that she didn’t think they would recover from this.

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“To be honest even that was a bit of a shock to me,” Cyrell told us. “As you know those articles came out a while back and she had contacted me regarding that already and at the time I already told her I don’t know what that is.

“So you know when she said I had started it… I wouldn’t say frenemies but you know it’s definitely not a big situation but I’m sad and I don’t really see maybe us getting round from that to be honest.”

Jackie also told Cyrell that she’d heard that Liz has actually blocked Cyrell on social media, which Cyrell thought was laughable.


“Yeah which is pretty frigging hilarious I get blocked,” she said. “But yeah, I wasn’t the one who turned around and put someone in a spot saying that they started the rumour.”

While the two were thick as thieves during their time on the show, it looks like the friendship is done! Much like most of the actual relationships from MAFS…