If you take pleasure out of other people’s awkward situations, then boy do we have something for you.

Today during Kyle and Jackie O’s confession booth, which is a segment that sees people confess their deep, dark secrets live on air, a friendship may have just been ruined forever.

Jake called up the show telling us that he needed our help to confess a secret to his best mate Mitch.

Now we’ve had some pretty crazy confessions in the past (we’re talking a guy confessing to peeing in his friend’s coffee), but this one takes the cake!

Jake confessed to his bestie live on air that he had hooked up with his MUM at his 18th birthday party!

Mitch couldn’t believe it at first. But once the information had sunk in it’s safe to say that he was PISSED!

And it was the most awkward thing we’ve ever been part of!


Listen to the whole confession in the video above!

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