We’re no stranger to hilarious impersonations on the Kyle and Jackie O show.

Kyle of course is known for his Kermit the frog bit as well as his countless bedroom characters that he’s demonstrated on air for us time and time again.

But this morning one man put all other impressions that we’ve ever heard to shame!

Comedian Jay Pharoah, known for his work on Saturday Night Live and White Famous, joined us in studio this morning and as it turns out his a bit of an impersonator himself.

And seriously they’re the most realistic things we’ve ever heard! We’re talking, if we closed our eyes we legit thought that the person he was mimicking was sitting right there in studio too!

“When I was a kid, I was a loser,” Jay told us this morning about his gift. “I ain’t have no friends. I made them all up.”

“I practice man. I really just practice at it and just got the knack for it.”


Today, Jay brought some of the world’s biggest celebs to life in studio this morning including Jason Staham, Eddie Murphy, former US president Barack Obama, and our personal fav, Kevin Hart.

But it turns out that was just a small few compared to the amount of voices in Pharoah’s repertoire. He told us that he can actually impersonate about 200 people!

And not only that, but he can chop and change and switch between them all at the drop of a hat!

Hear Jay Pharaoh bring some of the biggest celebs to life in the video above!


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