Earlier in the week our resident psychic Georgina Walker told Jackie that she would marry a known celebrity sometime in the future. And well, this prediction might have just come that little bit closer to coming true today!

Last week we sent Beau Ryan over to Las Angeles to chat with Chris Pratt and Elizabeth Banks about the upcoming Lego Movie 2.

But little did Jackie know that Kyle had actually given Beau a secret mission and during the interview things quickly moved on from movie chat to other, more personal things, including Jackie’s relationship status.

And as it turns out, Beau had actually taken over Kyle’s role and tried to pimp her out!

Beau broke the news to Jackie on the air this morning.

“Well the reason we were over there, I want to try and find love for you Jackie,” Beau told her.

“Oh god, Beau I didn’t send you over for that,” Jackie exclaimed!


“I might’ve mentioned it,” chimed in Kyle.

To be fair, this is normal Kyle behaviour so Jackie should’ve slightly suspect something. But we bet she DEFINITELY didn’t expect what came next!

“I just wanted to see mainly if Chris Pratt had any friends for you,” Beau admitted.

You could immediately tell what Jackie was thinking. ‘How CRINGE!!! How EMBARRASSING!’

But as it turns out, Chris was more than happy to help out!

“I’ll get you set up Jackie O,” he said.


And he just so happened to already have a friend in mind!

Watch the video above to hear who Chris wanted to set Jackie up with!

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