We had to have the fire alarms on high alert this morning because things really heated up when the one and only Chris Hemsworth dropped us a line for a chat.

Chris joined the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning to chat about the upcoming release of the Men In Black remake, which comes out just a few days after Kyle’s birthday on June 13!

“This film is my birthday present to you Kyle,” Chris told Kyle this morning.

Speaking about taking part in the film, Chris told us that he was immediately keen to sign on for a MIB reboot as soon as he hear word of it.

“I love the franchise and what Will Smith and Tommy Lee have done before and it felt like a great opportunity to branch out and do something different and still within the same world obviously,” Chris explained.


“We had a hell of a time, mate.” – We LOVE how Aussie he’s remained despite being a mega Hollywood actor!

But speaking of his acting, Chris was then talking about how he would decide which project to take on next when Kyle thought that he would take this opportunity to give Chris some advice on film making.

Because he’s such an expert and all.

“Can I give you some advice? I gave the same advice to Hugh Jackman,” Kyle started.

“I’m almost cringing before he even talks,” Jackie laughed! Same Jackie. Same.

“Listen! I haven’t spent my whole life sitting in a little box thinking I’m better than I am to not give the right advice to the actors I admire, Jackie,” Kyle continued.


“I’ll say to Chris Hemsworth what I said to Hugh Jackman. It was too late for Hugh because Hugh had hung up his super heroes and he went away from earning his $20 Million a movie to dancing around doing bloody matinee theatre dance sh*t on a Saturday.

“And I said, ‘You are a movie star Hugh… We all think you’re a failure when you’re on stage’. Some bloke dancing and singing seven times a week is not anything anyone looks up to. So stay on the big screen.”

So in other words, don’t go and try your hand at a musical Chris, or you’ll have Kyle to answer to.

Hear Kyle and Jackie O’s full chat with Chris Hemsworth in the podcast below!