We find that when it comes to the topic of US President Donald Trump, there’s always two types of people – those who hate him and those who love him.

Kyle is of course in the latter category and so it’s always an interesting time when US celebrities who aren’t the biggest Trump supporters join the show.

This is what happened this morning when comedian and former talk show host Chelsea Handler called up to chat about her upcoming stand up show.

As it turns out, Chelsea is no fan of Trump (to say the least) and actually told us this morning that she had to go to therapy when he was elected back in 2016.

“My whole book and this tour is about me going to a therapist finally and like at the age of 42 deciding to get real with a therapist because I had so much outrage and anger about Trump being elected,” Chelsea told us.

“And I was like, ‘This doesn’t seem normal’.”


Almost instantly Kyle arced up at the simple negative mention of the name Trump.

“Oh God, you’re one of those loons that keeps going on about Trump,” Kyle said. “What’s happened in Hollywood?”

“It’s awful!” added Chelsea.

“Kyle likes Trump. He’s a fan of his,” Jackie explained to Chelsea.

The thing is, while Kyle is all about standing up for Donald Trump, he’s not really one to stick by his opinion and will often back down when challenged by a Trump hater.


But not this time. Jackie really threw him under the bus on this one!

“Yeah you are, you’re always going on about how great he is,” Jackie said to Kyle with a cheeky smile.

No backing out of this one Kyle! And so he attempted to explain his standpoint.

“From where I sit here looking out, I just watch the news I don’t follow politics, but from where I sit, America’s doing quite well,” Kyle said. “Why are all the rich celebrities whinging and moaning about Trump four years later.”

But Chelsea couldn’t be swayed on her opinion. Although, we don’t know whether the therapy has helped her keep calm about the subject just yet.

“Has therapy helped at the end of the day with all this?” Jackie asked.


“Yeah, can’t you see how calm I am?” Chelsea replied sarcastically.

You can hear more about Chelsea’s experience with therapy, like the fact that she felt so bored by it at first that she sent her assistant to do it for her, at her stand up show!

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