Australian Survivor kicks off VERY soon (we’re talking at the end of July) and so we decided to catch up with host of the show, Jonathan Lapaglia to find out all the goss!

This season will follow a similar format to last year’s season with Champions Vs Conteders seeing everyday Aussies compete against Australian legends in both sporting and business ventures.

Jonathan was chatting to us about some of the champions that we will see this season when he revealed that one contestant brought something rather weird to the Survivor camp with them!

“Who’s on it this year? Who are the champions?” Jackie asked this morning. “We’ve got ET (Andrew Ettingshausen), Janine Allis, Steven Bradbury, Clarke Jones, Susie Maroney, just to name a few,” Jonathan listed off.

Kyle was quick to point around that he thought Janine Allis, known for creating Boost Juice and for being one of the Sharks on Shark Tank, had a good chance at winning because she means business.

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“I reckon she’ll whip everyone’s ass! She’s fit, she’s smart, she’s successful,” he said.

And that’s when Jonathan revealed the weird item that Janine packed in her bags to bring to the island!

It seems that Janine was adamant to keep fit while surviving on a tropical island because, while competitors typically bring spare clothes and photos of loved ones, she actually brought a blender with her!

“She brought a blender with her to the island so she could make up juices for everyone,” he revealed.

“They’d have to make some sort of Gilligan’s Island power plant to operate that thing,” Kyle exclaimed.

“It’s hand operated,” laughed Jonathan.


All you’d need to do is find some coconuts or mangoes and you’re good to go!

We know we said it was weird, but gosh you’d definitely want to be on Janine’s tribe then! Boost juices all round!

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