Cassandra Thorburn has dealt with a rough couple of years, not only dealing with her relationship breakdown with TV host Karl Stefanovic, family troubles and the fact that her ex moved on so quickly.

But what’s worse is that she’s also had to deal with all of it in the spotlight.

Her name has been splashed across the headlines on numerous occasions and not all of them have been pretty. But while some stories have made Cass out to be the heartbroken ex, it really couldn’t be further from the truth.

Today, Cassandra joined Kyle and Jackie O in the studio to chat about her upcoming stint on the all new season of Dancing With The Stars, when we asked her how she had been doing following the breakup from Stefanovic.

And through her explanation, we came to understand that Cassandra really is such a strong and empowering woman! And as cliche as it might seem, all she’s really been doing is throwing herself into her career and getting to know who she really is.


“I love my own company! The one thing I noticed, or realised was I started to get to know myself again,” Cassandra said. “Not just as a parent or a wife.”

“You know, all of a sudden after so long it’s like, ‘Hey, you know what, I’m not cool but I’m okay,” she continued.

This kind of zen approach to divorce didn’t really resonate with Kyle though. During his own relationship breakdown he had a very different road…

“You’ve been married before though,” said Cass.

“Oh yeah. I found myself immediately, strippers, whores, models,” Kyle said. “I was straight out there.”

“That’s not finding yourself,” replied Cass. “That’s being comforted by, you know, sex”.


As for whether she’s moved on herself with a new man, Cass explained that she’s still very much single and that she likes it that way.

“Are you back on the dating scene yet?” asked Kyle.

“I’m single!” she replied. “I don’t think anyone needs to know anything more about my private life.”


“I’m having fun,” she added.

That’s right, Cass has got more dance moves on the brain than men! You can catch her on Dancing With The Stars when it premieres at 7:30pm on Monday 18th February on Channel 10.

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