Ladies, prepare yourselves. If the headline alone didn’t give you a few goose bumps than let us warn you, watching this video is going to make every single fibre in your body CRINGE!

Kyle and Jackie O is the station that does Naked Dating and Buddies in the Bath segments, so in no way are we prudes when it comes to having listeners get a little nude in studio.

But regardless, today’s segment was by far the craziest most eye-opening naked segment that we’ve ever done. And this one only really involved one person!

Let us explain…

Thanks to Cardi B and Bruno Mars’ new song Please Me, Kyle and Jackie launched a game for Cardi’s biggest fans to see just how low they’d go.

If their offer pleased us enough, they would win a trip to Barcelona to see Cardi B perform LIVE! Unsurprisingly we were inundated with calls from people who wanted to go party with Cardi.

People offered to dye their hair, get embarrassing tattoos and even eat a legit horses penis (Apparently you can get one at the butcher?)! Yep, we were certainly heading in the low direction, but Kyle and Jackie weren’t 100% pleased and thought we could go even lower.


That’s when we received a call from Kristen and boy oh boy did her offer intrigue the guys… Kristen was willing to come in studio and get her VAGINA PIRCED live on air!

We don’t know about you but just the thought of that makes us want to clamp our legs shut forever… Kristen was chosen as our winner, but of course only if she kept her promise!

And so she came into the Kyle and Jackie O studio and went through with it.

And by the sound of the absolute shriek that came out of her mouth, we have a feeling it was the most PAINFUL thing she’s ever experienced in her entire life.

Worth it for Cardi B thought amiright?

Check out the piercing in the video above (if you can handle it…)!


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