Let’s face it, we’re all obsessed with this season of The Bachelorette with Ali Oetjen.

But while everyone else is fixating on Ali’s alleged cheating scandal with Grant Kemp (and okay yes we’ll admit this has been us for the past few days) we’ve just noticed something else about our Bachelorette that we can’t stop talking about!

There was a particular moment on the episode of The Bachelorette last night when Ali took one of the men, Charlie, on the first single date of the season.

Kyle And Jackie O Can’t Get Over Ali Oeten’s HILARIOUS Laugh

While doing a piece-to-camera about how excited she was for the date second part of their date Ali made a little bit of a slip up. She was supposed to say that all she needed was a stiff drink and a handsome man but instead it came out like this:

“Now this is more like it, trading the high wire for a handsome drink, and a stiff man,” she said.

And while yes, the stuff up is quite funny in itself, what was even BETTER was the extremely loud, cackling laugh that she let out afterwards!


Kyle and Jackie O couldn’t believe their ears when they heard it! But they did notice that it actually sounds quite a bit like another famous person’s laugh…And it wasn’t really much of a compliment.

“Thats, that’s quite unique,” said Kyle in shock.

“You know they’re comparing to to Bart Simpson’s laugh,” added Jackie.

We did a quick comparison on air and yep, the likeness is seriously uncanny and has to be heard to be believed!



Listen to Ali’s hilarious laugh compared with Bart Simpson in the video above!

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