Just when we’d started getting used to the awkwardness of Kyle and Jackie O’s new segment Buddies In The Bath, things took a seriously unexpected and kinda insane turn.

While we knew that our mother daughter edition of the game, which sees a pair get naked and sit in a bath for at least 30 seconds together to win $1K, was going to be hilarious, there’s no way that we could’ve seen it turning out like this!

Stay with us, and let us explain! So Keira and Janine were our mother daughter duo who put up their hands to participate in Buddies In The Bath today.

And as soon as they came into the studio we knew that this was going to be gold! They were both bright and bubbly and major KJ fans who weren’t afraid to get a little…loose. You’ll see just how loose in a second…

As the girls got in the bath and prepared to disrobe Keira stopped and said that she first had to tell her mother something really important.

Janine might just be about to see something on Keira’s body that she wasn’t quite expecting… And low and behold, as Keira got down to nothing but her skins Janine was treated to the sight of a NIPPLE PIERCING in her innocent (or so she thought) daughter’s boob.

But if you thought that was a revelation, just wait until you see what we uncovered next. Or more like WHO we uncovered…


Keira just so happened to bring her boyfriend Corey with her to the KIIS studios for support and so Kyle and Jackie O took the opportunity to test some boundaries.

If Corey would strip down and get in the bath with BOTH Keira and Janine, they would add an extra $1000 of prize money.

Now we’re not judging, but we’ve got to say there’s NO WAY IN HELL we would sit nude in a bath with someone who could one day be our future mother-in-law…but hey each to their own! And yes, by that we mean, Corey agreed to do it!

Of course, while that alone would’ve been enough to make this segment of Buddies in the Bath completely unforgettable, things didn’t stop there.

At about this time our next on-air guest had rocked up to the studio – none other than Ajay Rochester from I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

Again Kyle and Jackie let their minds go to a completely disgusting place and they thought of another idea. Would Ajay come and jump in the bath with Corey for an extra grand?


Did we even have to ask? Ajay ran in studio and was SUPER eager to bare all for a bit of cash! And thus led to our first ever Celebrity edition of Buddies in the Bath.

Watch the whole messed up (yet completely hilarious) thing go down in the video above!

How will we ever top this one? If you reckon that you can, send us a message!

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