If you love Kyle and Jackie O’s segment Naked Dating – which is basically as simple and cheeky as it sounds, where people would have a blind date in the complete nude live on air – and have been hoping for it to return, then you’ll go nuts for our newest segment!

Today we launched Buddies In The Bath, a game that sees two people get naked and sit in a bath together for at least 30 seconds in order to win some moolah!

Oh and it all happens LIVE in the Kyle and Jackie O studios!

But don’t go thinking we’ve got couples or people who are best friends in here. Oh no, our job is to make this experience as AWKWARD as possible! So the less the pair know each other or the more formal the relationship, the better!

Today for our first ever go of the game we had Ben and Jesse as our test dummies, so-to-speak.

Ben is dating a girl named Bella while Jesse is Bella’s brother who has only recently met his sister’s new beau.

Both boys were pretty nervous – and fair enough really. It’s not everyday that you sit in a naked in a bath, face to face (or peen to peen?) with your sister’s boyfriend or your girlfriend’s brother.


But they pushed through the nerves and bit the bullet! And while it may have been the most uncomfortable $1000 that each of them have made, it was one of the FUNNIEST things we’ve ever seen!

Check out our first ever round of Buddies In The Bath in the video above!

And if you feel inspired to take part yourself send us a message with your details!

MOre: Guy has a big surprise for this girl during naked dating!

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