Our very own newsreader Brooklyn Ross is officially a reality TV star following his debut on Channel 10’s new dating show, Blind Date.

Last night Brooklyn was brought on as a celebrity contestant on the show hosted by Julia Morris, and he was given the option of choosing between three men to go on a date with based on their personality alone as they were hidden from view.

The One Thing Producers DIDN’T Want You To Know About Brooklyn’s Episode Of Blind Date

Speaking about the episode during the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning, Brooklyn revealed that all three of his suitors seemed great, but he ended up picking the handsome Esteban.

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After making his choice the divider between Brooklyn and his suitors was removed and he came face to face with Esteban. During the moment on the show, host Julia Morris asked what their first impressions were of one another.

“I don’t want to embarrass you like someone’s mum but you actually make a really handsome couple,” she said. “How are you feeling, first impressions?”

But what none of us watching from home actually realised was that this WASN’T a first impression because Brooklyn and Esteban actually already knew each other!

Brooklyn revealed to us on the show this morning that producer’s didn’t want to make this known in their episode last night, but he and Esteban had actually met at Mardi Gras earlier this year.

“Something that the producer’s didn’t put on the show or anything like that, is that when we had the reveal, me and Esteban had actually met before,” explained Brooklyn. “A stereotype of the gay world!


“So we walked home together on Mardi Gras night this year…We have a mutual friend and so we all walked to their house together.”

When we later spoke with Esteban himself, he revealed that Brooklyn had been a true gentleman the night that they actually met, offering to walk him home after his phone had lost battery.

“What happened was my phone had died ad I couldn’t tell where I was going and because we had that mutual friend Brooklyn was like, ‘Oh I’ll walk you home’, so it was very nice of him.”

Despite the fact that Brooklyn and Esteban had met previously, they’re current relationship appears to be moving at a very slow pace. While they’re keeping in contact it’s been mostly long distance.

They told us that because they live in different states with Esteban currently in Melbourne, they’ve barely seen each other apart from their time on the show.

“We haven’t seen each other hey,” said Brooklyn.


“Well we haven’t had the opportunity,” added Esteban. “The biggest problem is just where we are located I guess.”

But despite the distance between them, it seems like Brooklyn and Esteban might actually be the perfect match for each other!

They’re both at a point in their lives where they’re ready to settle down and get married AND as Brooklyn pointed out, they’re both the same star sign. Sagitarius.

So is it fate that Brooklyn and Esteban should meet for a second time on Blind Date. Well, Kyle read out their horiscope for their star sign and it appeared to encourage both of them to take a leap of faith.

“Whenever Tarzan seizes a leaner and swings through the rainforest, he must have a moment of doubt. What would happen if the vine snapped?” read Kyle.

“With dangerous creatures inhabiting the undergrowth, the consequences could be disastrous. Perhaps that’s why he lets out such a passionate yodel before setting flying through the jungle. It helps to dissipate the stress.”


“It’s saying take a leap of faith, that’s what it’s saying,” said Jackie.

“As the sun moves into your sign, do what you need to do to make the necessary leap,” concluded Kyle.

So will Brooklyn and Esteban take a leap of faith in their relationship? Well he couldn’t give away too much so we guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens during their next episode of ‘Blind Date’.

The show airs on Wednesdays at 8:30pm on channel 10!

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