Well if you watched Kyle and Jackie O’s first attempt of Buddies In The Bath last week with a brother and his sister’s boyfriend and thought, ‘There’s no way this segment can possibly continue’ because you thought we wouldn’t get any registrations, boy were you WRONG!!

And TBH we don’t enjoy your negativity…

The people have come aflocking to get naked live in our studio for a bit of cold, hard (and slightly dirty…) cash and so the awkwardness and fits of laughter brought by this segment is only just getting started.

In case you missed it, Buddies In The Bath is our new game which sees two people who don’t know each other very well (but well enough to make things SUPER awkward) strip down and hop in a bath together.

If they can stay there for 30 seconds then they win the money!

Today, we had a female aged care worker named Jordan and her employee Max in for the challenge and it’s fair to say that they were both feeling pretty nervous. And of course the jitters only got worse as Kyle and Jackie began to question them.

We found out that Jordan, has a boyfriend named Sebastian. Max on the other hand is single.


They’ve been working together for only a few months now and have become somewhat friends over that time, occasionally going to the gym together after work.

And the worst part? They had to head off to a shift together STRAIGHT AFTER GETTING NAKED!! Could things really get more awkward?

After a bit of chit chat, it was go time. And we have to hand it to Jordan and Max for how prepared they were.

They’d already discussed off the air where each of them would position their legs in the tiny bath and that they would keep eye contact so as to avoid looking at other bits…

But of course, as you’d expect, there was a little sneaky peak here and there. And we’re guessing Max wasn’t too happy about it because Jordan didn’t really have too many nice things to say about his, uh, Johnson.

Watch the video above to see the whole awkward thing take place live on air!


And if you want to take place in Buddies In The Bath, (did we mention it’s for some cash?) send us a message!

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