There’s always a new viral video challenge floating around the internet and one of our favourite pastimes here is getting Kyle and Jackie O to try and attempt them.

Mostly because they usually turn out hilarious!

Exhibit A – Today we got Kyle and Jackie to try out the latest trend, the ‘Boba Challenge’.

Basically all you need is a cup of bubble tea, a straw, a blindfold and a friend to help.

You then put on the blindfold and get your friend to move the drink around on a table in front of you. Once they’ve put it in place they tap on it loudly so you can hear it.

Then, armed with a straw, you have to try and punch it through the lid!

Simple yet hilarious! And very, very messy in our case!


Think you can do better? Trust us, it’s harder than it looks!

Watch Kyle and Jackie O’s attempt at the Boba Challenge in the video above!

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