There’s no doubt about it. Australia LOVES Billie Eilish!

So much so that she now holds a pretty big world record in the music biz here Down Under! And she’s taken the title away from none other than Ed Sheeran.

But this just goes to show how humble Billie is…She had no idea about the fact that she held a title here!

In fact, Kyle was the one to inform her about it. Billie joined the Kyle and Jackie O show recently while travelling the country for her tour when Kyle told her about her record on the Aria charts.

Jackie was talking about the fact that Billie’s shows had sold out so quickly when it came up.

“Not only a sell out, but Ed Sheeran had the biggest record here of singles on the Aria charts, our charts here,” Kyle explained.

“You blew him away. So you are now the world record holder here in Australia of the most amount of singles on the Aria charts at once.”


“Mental! Crazy good stuff,” Kyle continued.

“Am I really?” asked Billie in a bit of shock. “That’s crazy! Damn! Okay.”

We’re definitely not shocked! This girl is SO talented!

Hear our full chat with the hilarious Billie Eilish in the video above!