We all know that Jackie’s had her experiences with women… Kyle will basically use any excuse to bring up the one time she shared a bath with her female neighbour.

But now it seems that he’s going to have another salacious story to tell after our chat with pop singer Bebe Rexha!

Kyle was asking Bebe about the fact that she’s a massive supporter of the LGBTQI community and the fact that she’s often described herself as being liquid when things took a pretty surprising turn…

Bebe told the guys that she would totally make out with both of them! And what was even more shocking, our innocent Jackie was SUPER KEEN!

“I know you’re a big supporter of the LGBTQi community, as we are here,” Kyle said. “You’ve described yourself as fluid, which means what?”

“For me it’s just kind of like, I go with the flow,” Bebe replied.

“If I want to make out with whoever I want to make out with, if it’s a girl or a guy, I’ll do what I want. I’m just going to go with the flow.”


Bebe than gave us an example to help Kyle truly understand.

“Let me explain this to you Kyle. Let’s say you, me and Jackie were at a party and Jackie was feeling me, she wants to make out, I’d be like, ‘Okay let’s go’,” Bebe continued.

“And if you were feeling me and I was feeling you I’d make out with you too.”

Even though Bebe’s explanation was a hypothetical, Jackie seemed to be kinda into the idea!

“Well, are you coming to Australia anytime soon?” Jackie asked before laughing, “I’m kidding”.

“I can’t wait to be in Australia so I can have a Tim Tam and then also make out with the both of you,” Bebe replied.


LOL! Don’t forget to grab yourself some Vegemite while you’re at it with the Aussie icons Bebe!

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