We had a bit of a debate on the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning as Beau Ryan filled in for Kyle. And really it was lucky that Kyle wasn’t here to give his opinion on this particular topic because we definitely know what he would have said…

Beau Ryan told us that he had a dilemma, or more so a situation that he wanted to get people’s opinion on regarding the things that his wife wears and the fact that he wants to have some sort of a say in her clothing choices.

Right or wrong? Beau ryan wants his wife kara ryan to dress sexier

Occasionally you’ll hear of overprotective guys who tell their wives or girlfriends to tone down the provocative clothing. But Beau is the complete opposite! He thinks his wife is HOT and he wants her to show it off!

Beau is married to Kara Ryan, and if you follow her on Instagram you’ll know just how gorgeous she is. Beau was telling us that he is constantly telling Kara just how attractive she is and how good she looks, and as a result he thinks that she should flaunt it more.


However, like most girls, Beau explained that Kara doesn’t always believe his compliments and after having two kids she doesn’t really feel comfortable dressing all too provocatively.

Beau wanted to know whether it was right or wrong for him to ask his wife to dress sexier, meaning things like skimpier swimwear, crop tops and mini dresses?

This question sparked a massive debate on the show. After all all Beau was really doing was complimenting Kara’s appearance. But regardless, is it in some way wrong for guys to ask girls to to dress a certain way? Eventually we actually ended up calling up Kara to get her take on the topic.

What do you think? Should husbands/boyfriends be able to have an opinion in what their wife/girlfriend wears? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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