Beau Ryan warned us that he wasn’t feeling 100% well when he came to join Kyle and Jackie O in the studio this morning. But little did he know that he would leave feeling much, MUCH worse!

This morning we decided to resurrect one of our favourite (albeit rather disgusting) games with Beau – The In Your Face Challenge.

The objective is very simple. Kyle names a topic or asks a question and on the count of three Jackie and Beau have to say the first thing that comes to mind with the hopes of having the same answer.

For example, if Kyle asked, ‘Name a Kardashian’, then Beau and Jackie would have to pick one name from the famous family and match it.

What happens when they don’t get a match? Well this is where it gets interesting (and gross for those with a sensitive stomach).

We had an elaborate set up ready to go – A conveyer belt with a near naked Intern Pete (we’re talking nothing but a mankind on) lying on it on his back with his knees up to his chest.

Beau then had to place his head at the other end of the converter belt. And we bet you can guess that if him and Jackie were to get an answer wrong, Pete would move forward slightly, ending closer and closer towards Beau’s face.


Of course there was the chance that Jackie and Beau would be so in sync that Pete would barely move at all! But this isn’t what happened…

Yep we have a feeling poor Beau won’t be coming back to work for a while after this traumatic experience. He copped a full on face full of Intern Pete’s ASS!!!

Watch the whole thing go down in the video above! (If you dare…)

Oh and we’ve already found our second victi….Contestant. We meant contestant… Nasser from MAFS has agreed to play In Your Face with us next week! 

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