Beau Ryan has spent a lot of time on the Kyle and Jackie O Show, and while he’s meant to join us each week for a sports report segment, most listeners would know by now that this is usually far from the topic of discussion.

Today during his not so sporty report Beau Ryan teased that he had a big announcement to make and as it turns out it was all to do with his career.

But don’t worry loyal fans, Beau’s not replacing King Kyle if that’s what you were thinking (although he’s always made it known that he’s more than happy to fill in whenever he’s needed).

Beau actually announced that following his departure from the NRL Footy Show he has decided to leave Channel Nine and is actually moving up a station on our TVs to Channel 10 for a new TV show!

“Obviously I’m with Channel Nine, I’ve been with Channel Nine for ten years,” started Beau. “I’ve signed with Channel Ten! I’m moving on up.”


But Beau won’t be doing any sport reporting on Channel Ten either. Turns out his main gig will be with two popular channel ten hosts on a new show!

“One of their biggest shows next year is called Sunday Night Takeaway with Julia Morris and Dr Chris Brown,” explained Beau.

“90 minute episodes on Sunday nights, we’ve got about 10 episodes so far. A variety show. There’s going to be pranks, there’s going to be live music from big stars.

“I’ll be a roving reporter. I’ll be hosting, there’s going to be Chris vs. Julia at the end of the night. I can’t say too much,” he continued.

Well congrats on the new gig Beau! Of course though this change to Channel Ten does bring one question to our mind… Will the network now be approaching Beau to be a contestant on I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here?

After all, looks like he’s going to be VERY chummy with the hosts of this show who also just happen to be Julia Morris and Dr Chris Brown. Coincidence? Hmm we’ll just let you all ponder that one.


Either way, if Beau is heading to the jungle in the future we know that we’ll probably hear it here first. He’s always spilling tea that he shouldn’t on the Kyle and Jackie O Show!

Hear a little bit more about Beau’s new role with Channel Ten in the video above!

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